Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A.

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Information on SMAT site accessibility and usability

Although no banners and badges are displayed on the homepage, our site is primarily designed and structured in a logical and usable manner, and specifically accessible by sight-impaired, blind and disabled users.

Site accessibility is certified in compliance with the italian Stanca Law (certification and maintenance by Cooperativa Chiossone Verificatori di Accessibilità [external link]).

A number of technical and functional features aimed at facilitating navigation and access to contents for all users including those who employ alternative reading systems and common browsers are listed below.

Formal correctness of the document

The pages on this site are structured in hierarchic and syntactically correct manner. They are regularly checked to maintain W3C validation of the XHTML code and the style sheets (CSS). Content is entirely separate from visual presentation and thus independent from the platform and scalable.

TabIndex accessibility

All contents and menu are hierarchically sorted and may be easily navigated using assistance systems.

Skip Navigation

All site contents are directly accessible from a first menu item invisible to common browsers but detected by assistive technologies employed by users with disabilities, which allows them to skip the menu, side bar and submenu and go directly to the page content. This avoids the need to scroll menus which are not of interest to the user once a page is opened.


All multimedia material is provided with textual alternatives. Scripts, visual hacks and graphic contributions may be switched off without affecting access to the other site contents.