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SMAT Group - Our Vision

SMAT Group has the major responsibility of managing a limited, precious resource: water. This awareness has always driven the strategic and operative choices of our group towards indispensable economic-financial targets and objectives oriented towards social responsibility and environmental conservation.

our vision

In 2005, SMAT significantly contributed to reaching the Millennium Development Goals for integrated water service management and was involved in the drafting of the Local Authorities Declaration (PDF 64 kb) at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico City in March 2006.

SMAT is a new company with ancient roots. In its everyday activities, we gather and valorise the wealth of knowledge of the companies in whose footsteps we follow, obtaining a major result: high quality water, in relation to its organoleptic features and guarantees for health and the environment.

Our future challenge is to progress in compatible integrated water service development to extend the high level of quality we have achieved to reach a wider geographic area and an higher number of citizens.

developmentIn the SMAT Group, we are convinced that this challenge can only be won with significant investments and by constantly improving technical skills and technology aimed at ensuring water quality, safety and prompt intervention in emergencies.

Our aim is to convincingly and efficiently perform our role as service provider within the scope of a strategic water system, demanded by local authorities and communities.

At SMAT, we believe that important synergies can be developed by sharing objectives and expanding the user catchment area. Concurrently, this approach is capable of providing suitable investment volumes for concretely responding to the principles of quality and social solidarity on which our groupís strategies and the local authoritiesí policies are based.

In addition to consolidating our business and improving the level of services delivered to our Ďtraditionalí territory, we are committed to creating a local network of alliances and synergies with other public companies in the water management sector operating in areas outside Torino ATO3.

Now that the openings in domestic market are being determined by the development and the reorganisation of integrated water services, we are making SMATís management experience and state-of-the-art technological systems available and thus acquiring a role as reference company in the devolvement of integrated water services in Italy.

SMAT Group is acknowledged as such also on an international level, thanks to technical assistance actions in water system infrastructure construction and management cooperation projects.