Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A.

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Research and development policies

By assuming ethical values in actions and integrating social responsibility principles in company strategies, SMAT develops policies which combine economic-financial goals with targets aimed at guaranteeing service quality levels, valorising human and technological resources and consolidating the company’s image and position on the market.

Given the nature of the business, SMAT’s fixed reference points are service excellence and cost-effectiveness, wellbeing and quality of life, valorisation and involvement of personnel, and conservation of the environment and of water resources.

The directives identified by SMAT to implement the strategy are:

  • improving efficiency, developing scale economics and expanding services, firstly within the scope of the core business determined by its function as integrated water service manager in the ATO 3 district;
  • developing synergies aimed at contributing towards the creation of a regional network either in collaboration or by forming partnerships with other service managers. SMAT is present in the provinces of Asti (co-partnership in ASP in Asti), Alessandria (development of the ‘ATO Acque’ service company), Cuneo (partnership in ‘Mondo Acque Mondovì’), and Vercelli (co-partnership in ‘SII Vercelli’);
  • grasping new opportunities offered by integrated water services on national and international levels focusing on the skills and experiences acquired and on the active participation in actions aimed at safeguarding and protecting water and environmental resources in Italy and worldwide (1/1000 of ATO3 fees are invested in international cooperation projects involving SMAT as technical-management interface);
  • investing the group’s dividends to improve networks, structures, systems and services with a time plan allowing to establish sustainable fees;
  • transparently and promptly communicating, detecting the information needs of the clientele and the market.

control and research


Research is a fundamental element in SMAT’s strategies.

The following research projects were developed in 2005:

  • hydro-geological studies for improving the hygienic, sanitary and organoleptic quality of water
  • eco-toxicological characterisation of waste water undergoing sanitation treatments
  • development of a model for assessing the contamination risk of water for human consumption by pesticide residues
  • preparing reliable quick tests and procedures to be activated in the event of threats to the quality of water
  • pilot experiment of new technologies (membrane ultrafiltration) for the treatment of water from the Po river
  • assessment of alternative decontamination systems for the treatment of waste water downstream of sanitation systems
  • study of innovative methods for reducing the production of sanitation process sludge
  • thermal and electrical cogeneration using biogas generated by biological masses
  • energy production using waterfalls and geothermal sources
SMAT at work