Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A.

Area Istituzionale

Offices, served areas and presence in the world

The group leader SMAT S.p.A. and the other controlled companies all work in their own corresponding offices and local business units.

The group leader’s headquarters are in Torino, Corso XI Febbraio, 14.

SMAT and ACEA in ATO 3.

SMAT and ACEA areas

Company Town Population
SMAT Torino 212 2.002.476
ACEA Pinerolo 54 159.971
Totale 266 2.162.447
ATO 3 T.SE 306 2.209.576
on 31.12.2005    

Regional local network created by means of service companies and partnerships with other service managers

Regional network

Geographic distribution of the group’s company activities in Italy

Distribuzione in italia

Presence of SMAT in the world

SMAT nel mondo