Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A.

Getting to know water

The culture of water and environmental sustainability


“Sustainable management means satisfying our own needs without jeopardising the satisfaction of the needs of future generations.”  

sustainabilty and SMAT
Managing water sources in sustainable manner means:

  • Not using more water than the amount replenished by nature. Ensuring long-term supply also by means of investments for maintaining the infrastructure efficient and modern.
  • Guaranteeing the long-term quality of water by protecting water and monitoring the environment.
  • Ensuring that water is priced so as to allow access by everyone.

SMAT has included the concept of sustainability among its reference values. Every year, SMAT publishes a Social-Environment Report combining in a single document all social and environmental responsibility issues and illustrating the results obtained by SMAT in consolidating a dialogue aimed at combining company growth, social development and environmental quality.


visite agli impianti SMATFor a group deeply rooted in the local territory, the drive to preserve the environmental wealth intact for future generations, in combination with the need to supply enough good quality drinking water for everyone, is also expressed in outreach projects addressed to school children and to the population in general, because SMAT believes that a deeper knowledge and awareness of service-related matters can increase environmental sensitivity and respect.

SMAT is involved in the “Growing Up in the City” project promoted by the City of Torino and organises guided tours to the drinking water and sanitation plants and systems.

The company has a vast collection of educational publications written directly by company experts and targeted to specific age groups.

SMAT is also involved in yearly nationwide campaigns in which all citizens are invited to visit the company’s plants and systems, again in the perspective of promoting correct information on the performed activities, with the objective of answering questions, overcoming preconceptions on tap water and, at the same time, promoting behaviours which contribute to reducing waste and pollution.

Open Systems advertisingThe “Open Systems Month” is an unique opportunity to get to know the company responsible for integrated water services, the treatments to which water is subjected before reaching everyone’s home and the quality level reached by the service. Citizens are invited to visit the SMAT drinking water and sanitation systems, where thematic exhibitions and side events are organised.

Guided tours with company technicians and educational films are an opportunity to get to discover more about the integrated water service (water supply system, sewers and sanitation) and to answer to a number of curiosities.