Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A.

Integrated Water Services

Integrated water production and management services

SMAT manages some of the largest, most advanced drinking water supply and waste water networks and treatment systems in Europe.

SMAT produces every year more than 250 millions cubic metres of quality drinking water, constantly verified by over 250.000 analysis every year.

treatment plants

Over 75% of the supplied water comes from wells which are fed by one or more from 40 to over 100 metre deep groundwater tables and 8.5% is taken from the Pian della Mussa and the Sangano sources.

SMAT was the first company in Italy to use surface water making a system which allows to make up to 2500 litres of drinking water per second. The water taken from the Po river totals 16.3% of the water introduced into the network.

Smaltimento reflue

Through an approximately seven-thousand kilometre long network, SMAT distributes an average daily flow, on the day of peak consumption, of 7037 litres per second of drinking water to over two million people.

SMAT collects urban waste water through six thousand kilometres of sewers. Particular attention is devoted to monitoring industrial dumping into the public sewer system. Monitoring methods include video inspection systems and automatic sampling robots.

One hundred and sixty small-, medium- and large-sized sanitation systems constantly run and sanitise over 270 million cubic metres of waste water every year.

treatment system

The centralised collection system built and managed by SMAT in Castiglione Torinese is the largest chemical-physical-biological treatment system in Italy and a technical landmark for the high quality standards that are implemented.

The complex primary, secondary and tertiary treatment sections are combined with energy recovery sections which exploit thermal and electrical energy cogeneration to contain resource recovery costs and considerably contain running costs.

A recycling system recovers over 15 million cubic metres of sanitised water per year and distributes it for industrial uses.